Kamouraska regional museum

69, avenue Morel
Phone: 418-492-9783

Kamouraska regional museum

 This museum, dedicated to history, ethnology and popular tradition, is set up within the walls of the old Kamouraska boarding school, built in 1851 and renovated in 1998. Visitors will have the opportunity of exploring the life style and resourcefulness of the first residents of Kamouraska. The tour proposed by the museum takes the visitors through several lavishly decorated thematic exhibition halls giving them a retrospective of the habits and customs of the people of Kamouraska.

The 325 years of the region’s history are illustrated with portraits of famous people who shaped its cultural identity, reconstitutions of certain emblematic sites, exhibitions of collectibles, specific information about ancient ways of doing things, paintings and photographs – all exposed in venues steeped in history and legend.

The mandate of the Kamouraska Regional Museum is to preserve and share Kamouraska’s historic and ethnological heritage, to increase knowledge about it and pass it on to the next generation. The museum has set aside two floors for permanent exhibitions and organizes temporary annual exhibitions, conferences and cultural mediation activities. It is open to all—children, adults, groups throughout the year.





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