The Notary's House

168, rue Notre-Dame Est
Phone: 418-851-1656

The Notary's House

 The Notary’s House dates back to 1842. The Friends of Art purchased it in 1972 in order to preserve Notary Rousseau’s heritage home and story as well as have a studio in which to do their work and show the works of the region’s artists and artisans. Its mission is preserving this heritage and promoting the arts.

Since they acquired it, they have never failed to maintain the house’s heritage and artistic character. Every season the works of some 60 regional artisans and 30 artists are shown in it. It is open from May the 1st to the end of October.

The painting exhibitions presented in the 2 galleries are renewed every three weeks and guided tours are available to explore this historical heritage. An arts and crafts boutique sells the products made by the artisans.

Moreover, different summertime activities are offered such as: live art, conference teas, master classes (a first in 2015), auction suppers, arts and crafts shows, one-week summer camps for young people in Arts, workshops for primary school children on Culture day, etc.



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